Dear customers and Friends, one step beyond, and despite the fact that it might look like a tiny step, this is a part of the path we are compelled to follow, with the necessary caution, if we want to get back to our lives as they were … at least as much as we can.

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Dear Customers and Friends, it seems that the situation improves, at least it is following the expected terms here in Spain. After the first shock, and the subsequent new scenarios and strategies, it looks like we are starting the “De Escalation” process.


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Dear Customers,
Marbella 360 wants its clients and friends to know that we are concerned and committed in these times, and that we will follow the governmental guidelines and instructions that  needs to be followed to overcome this wretched scenario. Notwithstanding, Marbella 360 will continue assisting and working, this time homebased, but with self determination and focused to acknowledge our clients confidence and trust, taking care of all the necessary deeds and processes related to their properties or their operations. We need to struggle and we will prevail.

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We at Marbella 360 are glad to recommend the following interview to the renowned Spanish economist Gonzalo Bernardos.


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The owner of the words in the caption of this article is Mikel Echevarren,  CEO of Irea (paramount Spanish Real Estate Company) since its foundation in 2002 as well as CEO of Colliers International after the merging of the two companies (besides he has been appointed Best Proffessional of the Year and received the Asprima-SIMA 2018).

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Autumn at La Costa del Sol is an opportunity to get to know our surroundings, its incredible scenery, the enchanting villages and its traditions, its gastronomy and more. A chance to enjoy, in short day trips, or weekends, everything Malaga province offers.

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On February 2017 the Supreme Court has agreed in a verdict to rule out the Plusvalia Tax for a certain scenarios. We at Marbella 360 consider this are important news and therefore we would like to share it in our blog, Therefore we are posting the news appeared at the economy section of issued on the past February the 17th 2017.

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The Junta de Andalucía has announced the creation of a record of "Viviendas Turísticas" in order to identify, harmonize and regulate the existing properties that are suitable to be considered as such. Here is some useful information if you think you might own one of these "Viviendas Turísticas", or you intend to rent a property on your next holidays in the Costa del Sol.

- What does Vivienda Turística means and what kind of properties does that include? 
Any property (flat, apartment, villa, house, studio …) located in Andaucía which offer on a regular basis lodging accomodation under a price fixed by the owner, and marketed through touristic offer channels, such as travel agencies or online platforms. As per the Delegación de Turismo de la Junta en Málaga (local authority related to tourism business) every property announced through these channels that link owners and travelers, are to be enlisted as Piso Turístico (touristic apartment). This regulation does not apply to rural (countryside) properties since these are already under a specific legal frame,It does not apply either to proprietors with three or more properties used for this purpose located within a range of  1 Km. In this case the properties would be concerned to the “Decreto de Apartamentos Turísticos” within the Group Mode.


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One sometimes comes across these “odd words” we use without really knowing thoroughly its meaning. It happens with more terms than we would like, for sure, but no one is “all knowing”. What we can try is to know better about everything that has anything to do with us and our business.

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